Al Kawther St - Ramallah 02-2405829

Jaffal Group was established in 1988, its target has been to work with communication and banking systems as well as office and IT equipment... We have gained our clients confidence by providing them with a high quality and reliable equipments such as Cummins, Philips, Rototype, Ericsson and more, and as part of our success story in the market has been by providing them with a first class, professional teams of engineers, tech support and customer service. Through the past 20 years we have established a strong base of clientele such as the Palestinian authority ministries, Hospitals such as Jenins hospital, Al makassed hospital, Red Crescent and banks such as Cairo Amman Bank, Arab Bank, Jordan Bank and more.

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Ultimate Features

  • Fast delivery

  • Energy efficiency

  • Wide variety of products

  • Largest in the country

  • Lifetime guarantee

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