FA-106 R

The MCP5A Intelligent Call Point is designed to be used with Secutron's Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels.It is a dedicated addressable callpoint for installation on a two wire communication circuit providing both signalling of alarm to the monitoring control panel and local LED indication of activation. The MCP5A provides a unique ‘plug and play’concept designed specifically to reduce installation time. The unit utilizes a special terminal block, where all initial installation cabling is terminated. This terminal block is then simply connected to the back of the MCP. Simple, but effective, with no re-termination required and no time wasted. The MCP5A also provides total ‘flex-ability’as it can configured as either a break glass or resettable unit by simply changing from one element to another. No other additional parts or alternative products need to be ordered.

In addition the MCP5A call point helps preserve the integrity of the overall system as illegal removal of the product lid will result in the call point operating and the system going into alarm. The MCP5A may be installed as either a flush or surface mounted device in a normal internal environment. It is not intended for use in an externally exposed or hazardous location. The MCP5A may be flush mounted to compatible electrical boxes.


  • Product : Control Panel
  • Type : Conventional
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