Mircom’s FR-320 is a dual releasing control unit that is field configurable for use on Deluge Sprinkler Systems, Pre-action Sprinkler Systems and Agent Release Systems. The FR-320 is equipped with six Class “B” (Style “B”) input circuits and four Class “B” (Style “Y”) output circuits rated @ 1.7 Amps maximum. (Total of 5 Amps) Optional Class A converter modules are available for both input and output circuits. In addition both internal and external relays are supported by the FR-320. The relays can be configured for both single and dual hazard applications. The FR-320 is field configurable for three releasing type functions; Deluge, Pre-Action Sprinklers and Agent Releasing. The mode of operation is easily configured by selecting one of 14 pre-configured modes of operation. The simple configuration process is done via the front panel using the CFG300 configuration tool thus eliminating the need for a laptop or complicated programming. The FR-320 comes complete with a red (FR-320-RA) or white (FR-320-WA) door, black enclosure, durable CAT-30 lock and key and space to mount up to 12 AH batteries.

  • Product : Control Panel
  • Type : Conventional
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